What they say Words from Founders and Candidates

Jeff Cruttenden
As a growing startup, the quality of our hires are essential to our culture and technology success. Two rock stars came to us, both brought to us by Match Relevant. The integrity of their work and attention to detail help make us a better company!
Jeff Cruttenden - CEO at Acorns
Yinon Ravid
Simply put, Match Relevant helps us scale. They add tremendous value by helping us find great engineers, and quickly. We are thrilled to continue working with the Match Relevant team in 2018 and beyond.
Yinon Ravid - CEO at Albert
Julio Fredes
Working with Match Relevant and Jake has been an outstanding experience. While other recruiting firms send lots of candidates, the Match Relevant team sets itself apart by truly understanding one's business first and then relentlessly searching for the right candidates using that understanding of the business. The candidates are consistently strong fits - extremely helpful when trying to quickly scale a venture-backed startup. Thanks Jake and team!
Julio Fredes - Co-Founder & CFO at Say
Mark Dru
Match Relevant's professionalism and efficiency has allowed our companies to scale at a much faster rate. Jake has added tremendous value by helping us find the best possible engineers. We are thrilled to consider Match Relevant a partner.
Mark Dru - Founder at Blast
Brett O'brien
As a Startup CEO, my biggest challenge is finding highly talented software engineers. Jake, the founder of Match Relevant has helped us build 3 startups over the last 8 years. Trust and transparency are the reasons we keep coming back.
Brett O'brien - CEO at Flyr
JJ Aguhob
While building our proprietary social mobile video platform, we needed to expand our development team quickly. Jake and his team helped us hire a key developer resource quickly.
JJ Aguhob - Co-Founder & CE0 at Viddy & PluggedIn
Cody Fletcher
In my last gig, I was tasked with building our engineering team. Match Relevant sat down with us and within 4 months we had hired 17 software engineers. Jake's team streamlined our hiring process and connected us with people that became our A Team of engineering.
Cody Fletcher - CEO at Yolocare
John Cecil
We typically don't use recruiters. However, after trying on our own for some time we decided to give Match Relevant a shot. They were flexible in their approach and we saw a string of good applicants within a few days. Happily, we landed a great developer who was instrumental in helping us build out our online video platform. www.oculu.com
John Cecil - CEO at Oculu
Jay Fishman
Match Relevant did something special for us in our search for technical talent - they took the mystery out of the process. We all knew what we wanted as far as our end product was concerned but we didn't know what skill sets were needed to deliver this. After sitting down with Match Relevant they were able to translate our project needs into a technical skill set profile. This not only gave us great assurance but removed endless unknowns from our hiring process. For the time saved and choices given I am deeply grateful to Match Relevant.
Jay Fishman - CEO at Ground 2 Table
Jeremy Farber
While leading the technical team as CTO at Streetfire.net, I engaged Match Relevant to help us recruit "hard to find" developer positions. Their technical knowledge was deeper than typical recruiters, and their attention to detail of understanding our roles helped us avoid making some costly hiring mistakes.
Jeremy Farber - Co-Founder & CTO at StreetFire.net
David St. John
We've been working with Match Relevant since their inception. We found them online and haven't looked back! As the CIO of WeatherFlow, we've had success working with their Recruitment services in finding quality software engineers. With great attention to detail, we've hired candidates from Massachusetts to Florida.
David St. John - Co-Founder (CIO) at WeatherFlow
Bastin Gerald
Apptivo is the ERP for small business. As the CEO, my number one goal is recruiting. It's also, the toughest part of my job. Having met Jake at Oracle Corporation, we decided to try them out. Their Startup Search platform saved us time an helped build our team. They are now one dial away when we need help hiring.
Bastin Gerald - CEO at Apptivo
Tim O'Keefe
I found Match Relevant to be exceptionally professional and effective. Their team had the technical acumen to understand my needs immediately and begin providing candidates right away that were all worth interviewing. Within a couple of weeks, we had great options, and hired an outstanding engineer who is working out great so far. If we need to hire a specialized resource again in this competitive market, I wouldn't hesitate to use Match Relevant again.
Tim O'Keefe - Director of Renewables and DER at Energy Solutions
Tony Woods
"As the Director of IT at GRFS for the recent eight years, I have built a great relationship with Jake and his team (Match Relevant). Integrity, and trust are important to me...and they have earned our service by delivering critical developers at critical times that saves me time searching.
Tony Woods - Director of IT at Gunthy Renker
Claudia Fuentes
I've lead HR in a few organizations and Match Relevant is a company that we engaged to fill Director level roles, as well as, software development roles. In both organizations, they helped us fill positions and saved us time.
Claudia Fuentes - Director of HR at CashEdge
Walter Cruttenden
As a growing startup, the quality of our hires are essential to our culture and technology success. Two rock stars came to us, both brought to us by Match Relevant. The integrity of their work and attention to detail help make us a better company!
Walter Cruttenden - Co-Founder & Chairman at Acorns
John Higgins
Proscape had a great experience with the team at Match Relevant. We spent almost a year looking for quality candidates and did not have much luck. They somehow found 4 qualified candidates in short order and we feel we hired the best one. We would use Match Relevant again and highly recommend them.
John Higgins - Director of Cloud Computing at Proscape Technologies
Monica FIorentini
I found Jake while surfing online for a quality recruiter late one night- he was quick to respond; set-up a call to better understand the role, our company, and culture. He also connected with the hiring manager to get a better feel for the technical skills that were required for the position. Jake sent us befitting candidates, was easy and pleasant to work with, and transparent throughout the process. And yes, we filled the vacancy! We'll definitely work w/ Jake and MatchRelevant again....
Monica FIorentini - Head of Global People Operations at Swrve New Media, Inc.
Corey Walsh
Match Relevant was wonderful. They kept me informed at all times so I never felt out of touch during the entire hiring process. By far one of the best experiences I have had with a recruiting. Thanks!
Corey Walsh - Solutions Manager at Konica Monilta
Ben Riggleman
It was great working with Match Relevant. They gave me helpful information about the position and the company atmosphere and really helped me find an excellent fit for both me and the company! I will definitely work with them in the future if the need ever arises!
Ben Riggleman - Python Developer
Mike Taatgen
These guys are awesome! They really push to achieve what you would like to see in a company and are always keeping you updated with new opportunities when needed.
Mike Taatgen - PHP Developer
Jeremy Smith
When it came down to the wire, and I didn't quite have the offer from my first choice company, their executive team started making calls. They got me a same-day second face-to-face interview, and the next day the company brought me in to make an offer. Their team was literally up all night pulling strings for me. I couldn't be happier.
Jeremy Smith - Scala Developer
Anthony Lindo
Match Relevant found me and helped me get the perfect position with exactly what I was looking for. They were in touch througout the entire process and answered all of my questions right away. They followed up before and after the interview and made sure I was prepared. I was looking for a job for 3 months and they made it possible to do exactly what I wanted. Thank you!
Anthony Lindo - Network Admin/System Admin
Patricia Day
I feel like my friend helped find me the job that was only in my dreams. I did not have to wait or wonder at any point in this process. The process was both professional and friendly. Truly the best job transition experience I have had. I cannot say "thank you" enough.
Patricia Day - SQL Programmer at Riceland
Daniel White
Match Relevant found me an awesome job that fit well with my experience. They did a great job keeping me in the loop with the comments from the employer. The entire hiring experience went very well.
Daniel White - Python Developer
James Manera
Working with Match Relevant has been a great and rewarding experience. I was lucky enough to work with one of their founders, a genuinely nice down-to-earth guy and confident recruiter. He paired me with a mobile startup and was there through the whole process. He was friendly and approachable and not once did I feel like he was wasting my time or theirs.
James Manera - Software Developer - Ember.js at Mobile Startup
Alex Ho
I was interested in exploring new opportunities a few years back and decided to work Match Relevant. The main reason was that they had jobs that no other recruiters could provide. I landed a job with a Startup, but more than anything really appreciated Jake's teams honesty and transparency during the entire hiring process. It changed my view on recruiters for the better.
Alex Ho - Sr. Web Software Engineer at mophie
Kamal Sharma
I've worked with many recruiters in my career but honestly MatchRelevant was best of the best. The whole process went stress-free, smooth and on-time. In my experience, they are expert on finding an exact match and creating a win-win opportunity for both the client and the candidate. Just sayin'!
Kamal Sharma - PHP Developer
Will Spinelli
I have worked with recruiting agencies before but none like Match Relevant. When working with them I got an amazing personalized experience that nobody else offers at all. I truly felt like they cared about me and wanted what was best for me. It was awesome having someone on your side going to bat for you! I had more confidence in the interview because I knew I had Match Relevant on my side to back me up. I simply cannot recommend Match Relevent highly enough!
Will Spinelli
Marielle Carbajal
He guide me through the process with the best interest in mind for the company and myself. He provide honest and helpful opinion.
Marielle Carbajal
Carlo Marini
My experience with Match Relevant has been amazing. Jake had great communication with me the whole time. He found me a great company to work for with everything I was asking for and more! Thank you Jake!
Carlo Marini
Kyle Stengline
Jake and his team were absolutely great! Jake was especially attentive throughout the entire process and did really well keeping me updated every step of the way.
Kyle Stengline
Seena Khoee
I had an amazing experience working with Jake. Superb customer service skills, well prepared with client information and fast turn around. Everything a job seeker is asking for. Thanks again Jake!!
Seena Khoee
Rich Ingrassia
We needed what I thought was impossible – a lead architect who had front-end, back-end and design experience. In less than a month, Match Relevant came through with a number of candidates who fit that bill, and the engineer we hired moved us from MVP to operational in half the time I expected. Look forward to their help building out the team from here.
Rich Ingrassia - CEO at Hash Finance
Paco Venegas
Jake Villarreal's team at Match Relevant was instrumental in providing a smooth and drama free experience while I moved into my new career position. I highly recommend them for serious candidates.
Paco Venegas - ATG Technical Architect at AutoZone
Chris Gregory
Working with Match Relevant has been a pleasure. They took the time to get to know me and get a feel for the type of career move I was looking for. They not only kept me in the loop through every step of the process but also followed up regularly to see how things were progressing on my side. Thanks again Match Relevant; appreciate the help getting the new position!
Chris Gregory - Lead Fullstack Developer
Shant Tokatyan
When they first reached out we had a chat about about my current position and new roles I was looking forward to. After that, they put me in contact with teams that were looking to hire for roles relevant to what I was looking for. Working with Match Relevant was a very pleasant experience because no time was waisted and the next steps were always clear.
Shant Tokatyan - iOS Engineer
Michelle Patterson
I was part of a MasterMind group and was fortunate enough to meet the founder of Match Relevant. I had heard incredible stories of their success in the recruitment industry but hadn't had the opportunity to work together. Having spent 17 years in the recruiting industry myself, I am very particular about who manages my openings. After 7+ years of collaboration, there is only one company I recommend when it comes to finding technical talent and it's Match Relevant.
Michelle Patterson - CEO at Women's Network
Glenn Rogers
As the CEO of CarDomain, we have a high level of urgency to ensure our 6M monthly unique visitors are satisfied daily. I recently had two mission critical openings that needed to be filled. Match Relevant quickly asserted their effort, alleviating my stress and served up great candidates to review. We interviewed 4 and hired 2. Great quality results!
Glenn Rogers - CEO at CarDomain
Bethany Vega
I had the privilege of partnering with Jake and team as a candidate and I’d say, without a doubt, best candidate experience out there. It was consistent and accurate information flow, which in today’s world is hard to come by! As an HR professional, Jake not only sets a high standard, he 100% delivers it. I highly recommend him and his team for any recruiting need. He is a game changer and I will personally use him in the future, as a candidate and as a client!
Bethany Vega - Head of Human Resources
Alan Perez
Match relevant helped connect me with Albert after months of job hunting. It was a right fit, thank you to match relevant and their recruiters for all their hard work.
Alan Perez - iOS Engineer
Ayodimeji Adeshina
My experience with Match Relevant was great. They found me the opportunity I was looking for along with compensation. Additionally, they were always available to assist me when I had any questions and the process of obtaining a job went much faster than I expected. I really appreciate all the help. Thank you Ayo
Ayodimeji Adeshina - Director of Design
Cecilia Saez
Excellent experience. Transparent, honest, and super high integrity. Match Relevant truly champions you through the process.
Cecilia Saez - Head of People at Albert
Kinga Bellard
Match Relevant worked quickly to get me hired. They reached out to me about an opportunity he thought I would be a good fit for and within a week or so I got an offer. I felt that they had my best interests in mind and negotiated on my behalf based on my needs. I would definitely work with Match Relevant again and would recommend them to my friends.
Kinga Bellard - Office Manager
Terry Yang
Match Relevant are a fantastic recruiters who always on the lookout for the best possible opportunities for you! Very friendly and professional! If you need someone to get you the right work fit for you, try and get on Match Relevant's radar!
Terry Yang - Jr. Visual Designer at Atm.com
Steven Blake
The MatchRelevant team was a pleasure to work with. From the initial call, through the interview process, to the offer and final acceptance, MatchRelevant's process was professional in every way. Their CEO, Jake will be at the top of my list the next time I need to find talent for my team.
Steven Blake - General Counsel
Working with Match Relevant has been incredible, they are excellent in communicating the process and works fast! Thank you so much for helping me find my dream job!
Diana - Customer Support - Startup
Ryan Roberts
Over the many years I have had the pleasure of working with the Match Relevant team. In our most recent hire with them they were not only to find someone local, but able to help us make a smooth transition and gave us the exact talent we were looking for. The new team member is a great fit, and incredibly well motivated. I would highly recommend Match Relevant for staffing!
Ryan Roberts - Chief Marketing Officer - HeatWorks
Mike Epps
I've worked with many different recruiting firms and Match Relevant has far surpassed my expectations. I am usually on the Client end of this relationship so when I found myself on the Candidate end I was surprised to see how well they handle the experience. Jake Villarreal was extremely professional and matched me up with a job more aligned with my career goals then ever expected. I am extremely excited about my new position and the opportunities that are in front of me now.
Mike Epps - IT Manager - Fullscript
Joey McNulty
Match Relevant reached out to me about an open position at an awesome company. Within a week I was meeting with the CEO and the team I'd be working with. I got a job offer a few days later. Working with Match Relevant was awesome, these guys are the real deal! They were very prompt and professional in everything they did and it was obvious that they truly cared about my situation. I would definitely recommend working with Match Relevant!
Joey McNulty - Customer Support Specialist - stealth startup
Jiafeng Jennifer Zhang
It has been a great experience working for Match Relevant. The company has jobs that no other recruiters could provide. Big thanks to Jake. He is very helpful in many ways.
Jiafeng Jennifer Zhang - Database Developer - Teledyne
Genevieve Cawthorn
Working with Match Relevant has been great. They really take the time to make sure it's a good fit for both the employer and candidate. Match Relevant was very involved from start to finish. They would always check-in and provide good updates without being too pushy or aggressive.
Genevieve Cawthorn - Corporate Counsel at Startup

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