QA "On-Demand" for Web, Mobile and Legacy Applications


How it Works

Getting Started

  • 5 minute Introduction call to determine your Application testing needs
  • Assign a local QA Lead & global team to support your QA initiative
  • Begin testing within 24 hours

Discovery Call

  • Understand your current testing environment
  • Get clarity on your process, tools and expectations
  • Understand the kinds of Apps you need tested
  • Learn the type of testing services you desire

Flexible Terms

  • Monthly Fee (TBD based on team size required)
  • No annual contract commitments
  • Can cancel anytime

Why QA "On-Demand"?

As a services company, our clients hire software engineers to build Mobile, Web, and SaaS applications. They typically follow up by hiring QA engineers as they scale up their operation. However, striking a balance of "developers-to-QA Engineers" seems to be a challenge. So, we built a cost-effective QA "On-Demand" service to give support when needed.

Successful Team Collaboration

We believe clear communication is the #1 factor in successful Testing "on-demand". To ensure success, we've built a QA Liaison team that works with you and your "on-demand" team to provide a smooth experience. (US Based)

We provide real-time views into our work so you can see the progress we make towards meeting your testing goals. Clearly defined outcomes allow us to improve metrics in Manual and Automation QA processes.

100% of our QA teams, hired by us, remain with you throughout your engagement. This allows you to scale up when desired without losing team continuity or knowledge transfer.

How we are different

The key to successful QA "On-Demand" is ensuring 100% clarity and communication when introducing new teams and processes. To solve this we built an overlay team called "QA Liaison" to alleviate any communication gaps before they arise. They work with both teams to foster collaboration and accountability throughout the relationship. (US based)

Testing Services

Testing business flows is fundamental to the success of any software product. We focus on specifications, usability, compatibility, scalability and security to make sure your software is great, right out of the box.

Functional Testing

During the early phases of software development, this is the best way to understand and improve software quality. Manual QA engineers are typically inserted as part of scrum teams to verify flows as and when new builds are deployed.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is more feasible when your system/applications are stable. They are also meaningful to verify existing flows. We use Selenium extensively to automate functional test flows. Over the years, we've built several tools and dashboards using open source tools. We can also work with QTP based automation projects.

Performance Testing

Page and application performance is huge in many ways. Obviously with users being so impatient, we need applications to respond in sub second time frames. We use a combination of manual and selenium based automation, to make sure page load performance is very good. Even search engines penalize websites that don't load faster. So it's really important to have applications and web pages respond in less than a second.

Load Testing

The goal is to increase the load and see how the system behaves under higher load. During load tests you can check the system vitals, monitor response times, throughput, server condition and much more. Load testing is not just a test. It's actually a category of testing. Under the category of load testing, there are many specific tests that help identify load bottlenecks in web ap-plications before customers face them.

Stress Testing

Stress testing is to push load testing to its boundaries to see at what point the system starts to buckle. This would help you predict your concurrent user capacity.

Scalability Testing

It's not enough to just test the number of requests that hit your server. It is important to under-stand how your application responds when the complexity of your requests change. For example, you get a really large upload request with 100,000 objects and then another with a single object but with attachments amounting to a 100 MB.

Scalability testing allows you create these variations and understand how your application responds in those scenarios.

Team Size = 300+ Engineers

Founding Team
Our founding team spent 20 years at Oracle Corporation building applications, testing software, and delivering error free products to market. Over the course of 8 years, we've built a team of 300+ engineers who work from our Global Delivery Centers and Partner companies. We know the value of QA and have an option for you when you need it.


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